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May 10, 2017

ArtsLibris 2017, Artists' Book Fair in Barcelona

Arts Libris is Barcelona's most important fair for contemporary editions and Artists' Books.
This year, I shared a stand with my friend Roberta Bridda from 'Il bosco blu ediciones' - couldn't imagine a better stand-companion!! Her new project is very poetic and of elegant simplicity that always characterizes Roberta's work.

I presented the first edition of 50 hand bound, numbered and signed copies of my pop-up book 'Little Gallery of Nerds & Freaks' and brand new hand bound Nerd-cards.
The feedback was amazing and made me VERY happy indeed!


April 19, 2017

Great book binding tool from ELBEL LIBRO

This is definitely the most precise folder I've ever tried! A beautiful object itself, it came in an elegant packaging and fulfilled completely my expectations... I absolutely ENJOY working with this tool on my new pop-up book project.
You can purchase this metal folder at elbel libro in Amsterdam, they send it really quickly. It costs 50 €.

metal folder

October 26, 2016


This summer, I worked for one week with one of the best printmakers I know: Sebi Subirós from Lupusgrafic Edicions. The spot was perfect- a luminous studio of the foundation Rodríguez-Amat  located in the picturesque village of Ses Olives near Gerona.
As usual in Spain in August, it was bloody hot.. but while any other human being would spend the days on the beach, we enjoyed a huge chaos of colors and materials in order to experiment with the different techniques of monotype.
Here are some of the results... I thought I might use them as backgrounds for artists' books.

Printing leaves and other textures:

jani lunablau monotype printmaking workshop Drucktechniken Monotipia

jani lunablau monotype printmaking workshop Drucktechniken Monotipia

jani lunablau monotype printmaking workshop Drucktechniken Monotipia

Taking away the ink where you want the paper to stay blank, it feels like 'reverse' painting. It allows you to create very interesting textures. You can add colours by printing on top of the first print:

jani lunablau monotype printmaking workshop Drucktechniken Monotipia sepia cuttlefish

jani lunablau monotype printmaking workshop Drucktechniken Monotipia sepia cuttlefish

This was one part of the beautiful studio:
printmaking studio, workshop

April 22, 2016

Arts Libris: 21-24 of April

Pigs on the loose at the artists' book fair ARTS LIBRIS in Barcelona! I actually managed to screen print my book object just in time for the opening.
My wonderful artist friends Roberta Bridda, Mercè Galí and Conxa Sellers share the stand with me and it looks really nice! ... if you happen to be in Barcelona theses days, come and see us at Arts Santa Mònica, (Rambla de Santa Mònica 9).
Open on Friday and Saturday from 12-21h
and on Sunday from 12-17h.

April 2, 2016

Pigs on the loose!

My new book-object called "PIGS ON THE LOOSE" is ready for screen printing!
After several months of work, I will hopefully be able to finish it just in time for ARTS LIBRIS, the Artists' Book Fair that takes place in Barcelona from Thursday 21 April - Sunday 24 April at the Centre d'Arts Santa Monica.
The pictures you see here are taken from a model I made out of digital prints. I will spend my weekend (or more??) printing it as a two color silkscreen print... and assembling the accordion structure... and cutting it out... and constructing a nice box...

March 25, 2016

Aquatints, experiments for a children's book

I've been working on a book project with writer Paulina Fariza for some time now. My first attempts of illustration don't really convince me so I'm trying now to create the backgrounds with aquatints.
This might be the way to go...

March 22, 2016

I just updated my web!

Just 10 days before the Children's Book Fair in Bologna, I managed to update my web... check it out, if you'd like a more complete impression of my work.

Now, my to-do list still seems endless. Instead of hiding easter eggs, I will be glueing my latest project together. Literally.

March 13, 2016

Welcome to my new world of etching!

I'm thrilled. Have I mentioned before that I moved into the printmaking studio of artist Roser Sales Noguera? Yes, I've turned into a student once again!
I absolutely love the delicate texture of etchings and aquatints and will certainly use this technique for an illustrated children's book I have in mind.
Here a some of my first experiments:

aquatint of softcorals

drypoint etching, monotype

drypoint etching, monotype

 PS: I can highly recommend classes with Roser, she's a brilliant teacher. Couldn't have been luckier. :-)

December 28, 2015

LInocut with collage

This little illustration is the result of a morning in company of a printing press.
I cut the drawing in soft-cut linoleum and printed it on Guarro super-alfa paper.
For the collage, I used paper from Tassotti, an traditional italian printing house. The quality of these papers is excellent, they have a wide range of different patterns and styles and I use them often for book binding (you can see the collection and order it online if you click here).
I don't know about you, but I certainly spend too much time on sofas between the years...

linoleum, linocut, linoprint, printmaking

linoleum, linocut, linoprint, printmaking

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I just moved my working space into the studio of artist Roser Sales. I'm happy to have a press in my live and such an experienced artist at my side to learn from. The christmas cuttlefish is the first print I've done:

Merry Christmas to everyone!