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December 22, 2014


I did it!! My christmas card is out! So, I hope you have a good time and a fantastic New Year!

December 9, 2014


Silkscreen printing
Back to school during two weeks: I participated in PENTIMENT, an international summer academy for artists in Hamburg, Germany.
For me, it was like I had fallen through some kind of time-tunnel back into my life as a student: same city, same university, and a room in the same neighborhood I used to live.

Hamburg was sunny and hot (not especially common for this city) and I spent two weeks in a basement, sweating my heart out in the silkscreen printing laboratory. It really was great fun, though!!
The dutch artist Walter Kerkhofs (no link because he doesn't have a web or blog) was in charge of the course and let us work with complete freedom. I didn't really have a lot of experience with silkscreen printing before and tried to discover the possibilities and limits... my subject, once again, were sea creatures, mainly corals this time.

I have to say, the possibilities seem endless and two weeks don't really give you much more than a closer glimpse at this fascinating technique.

The combination of planned and prepared (tons of work before you even start to mix the color!) and yet not foreseeable results (because in the actual process of printing ALWAYS something unexpected happens) is intriguing.
Here are some of my experiments:

by Jani Lunablau

by Jani Lunablau

by Jani Lunablau

March 17, 2014


This workshop was for children age 7 about writings.

workshop with children, collage, letters, writingsI prepared 4 sheets with different alphabets for everybody (also arabic and cyrillic), cut some big letters out of magazines and asked them to make a face out of letters and numbers. Arabic letters work extremely well, as you will notice.Than they added some color pencil and the results were fantastic!
Even children who thought of themselves as really poor in drawing (so sad!) had tons of fun and were amazed by their results.

workshop with children, collage, letters, writings