WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

February 28, 2015


Live shouldn't get boring, right? So, to get myself out of the comfort zone, I invented a new personal challenge: I will take a picture of the sea from the same spot as often as possible (...that means, almost every day as my sport club is right on the beach) and post it on Instagram /Twitter (#DailyDoseOfSeaview).
Once a week, I will modify one of these pictures... by drawing or pasting something into it that makes it surreal and impossible (but then again, what IS impossible?)
... within a couple of months, there should be a curious and constantly growing collection of Hallucinations on the beach.
Don't worry... I will NOT nominate anybody to do the same...

I grew up watching Star Trek... and loved it. This is my goodbye to Mr Spock.

Hallucinations on the beach, Nr. 1

February 20, 2015


Customized mask, handpainted with markersThe opening of the exhibition 'MASKA FOX' at Print Workers in Barcelona last friday was absolutely packed with people. It's always fascinating to see how each of the 16 participating artists finds a very personal solution and you can see a wide variety of styles and techniques.

I don't think it was easy to chose the best mask, but the winner of a month of free use of the screenprinting-lab are the first two masks, from Laurent Bruchet and Anai Cano.


16 artist customize a MASKA FOX by Saroche de los Andes. Used Techniques are screenprinting, collage , stamping, drawing and acrylics.
This is the poster with all the participants' names (screenprinted, obviously)...

February 11, 2015


customized by jani lunablauI've done it! I customized TWO Maska Fox from Saroche de los Andes for the exhibition and contest Print Workers Barcelona are organizing this weekend... the prize is a one month residence in their co-working and screenprinting-lab.

I screenprinted the masks completely with a fish-pattern I drew and converted them into foxfish, one in a light yellowish green and the other one in pink, the pattern is printed on top in a neon-orange.
Right on time for Carnival... the way, Saroche has two more MASKA-models, a bear and a deer, both look great!
customized by jani lunablaufish pattern by jani lunablau
customized by jani lunablau
Maska Fox customized by jani lunablaucustomized by jani lunablau