WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

February 28, 2015


Live shouldn't get boring, right? So, to get myself out of the comfort zone, I invented a new personal challenge: I will take a picture of the sea from the same spot as often as possible (...that means, almost every day as my sport club is right on the beach) and post it on Instagram /Twitter (#DailyDoseOfSeaview).
Once a week, I will modify one of these pictures... by drawing or pasting something into it that makes it surreal and impossible (but then again, what IS impossible?)
... within a couple of months, there should be a curious and constantly growing collection of Hallucinations on the beach.
Don't worry... I will NOT nominate anybody to do the same...

I grew up watching Star Trek... and loved it. This is my goodbye to Mr Spock.

Hallucinations on the beach, Nr. 1