WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

March 30, 2015


I was wrong. When I had the idea of this series, I thought my hallucinations were going to be weird imaginations, or freaky stuff...or just an impossible wish coming true thanks to a digital collage.
But this week was different: every time I looked at the sea, I saw a huge, threatening mountain. Actually, my inner eye saw a huge mountain almost all day long and way into the night.

When the airplane in Malaysia disappeared, I felt very sorry for the people involved.
But the fact that a plane crashed into the Alps on its way from Barcelona (my home) to Düsseldorf (where I grew up), affected me deeply.
Obviously, my first thought was that a member of my family or myself could have been on the plane, a close friend or a not so close friend. That is not the case. But, people I personally know lost their husband, young girls their father. I feel downhearted.

I dedicate this image to every person who lost his life in this tragic accident and to the ones that stayed behind.

An airplane on its way from Barcelona to Duesseldorf crashed into the Alps. 149 people died. I dedicate this collage to all the victims