WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

March 18, 2015


A box of matches in front of you.
45 minutes to convert it into a book- 
this is just the beginning of a workshop with Steven Guarnaccia, part of the activities at FLIC Festival in Barcelona this february.
What started with adrenaline levels beyond good, became one of the most fun workshops ever.
workshop at Flic Festival Barcelona

Steven Guarnaccia, art director, illustrator and professor at THE NEW SCHOOL in New York, suggested us to think about the significance of 'book'. What do you need to tell a story? Words? maybe not. Sometimes not even images...

I converted my little box into a fold-out character with the title 'triggering idea', an expression in german meaning a brilliant idea... you can actually light his neurons (but I would recommend not to...)

Converting a box of matches into a book

Bea R. Vaquero transformed it into an underwater scenario:

Nerea Borell Cedó created a stage with many, many actors...

Isa Penelo made this cute little Love-box:

Bárbara Castro transformed the box of matches into an elevator: