WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

March 2, 2015

TIME FOR WHITE PAPER... (but no reason to panic)

jani lunablau What makes people happy? Sharing moments with people who love the same things you do... for example.
Roberta Bridda, book artist and illustrator, invites her artist friends every three weeks to share a new experience... sometimes it's about book binding, then about illustrating techniques, lately about colours... the idea is simple: everybody gives a class and receives many.
The group is called 'Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore...' (a quote from italian writer Italo Calvino).
During our 'creative mornings' good conversation and laughs are guaranteed and I move mountains not to miss a single one.
This friday, Laia Capdevila asked us to create a scene in 3D just in different shades of ... WHITE.
Most of us chose to make a tunnel book:

Maristella Mangipinto created a magic wolf scenario:

This is my project, 6 layers of differently structured papers and cloths cut in organic shapes.

jani lunablau

 This is the view from the back:

jani lunablau

jani lunablau

Laia Capdevila created this fragile wood: