WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

April 27, 2015


You probably know the photographer Laurent Chehere... I had the vision of his Flying House Series when I heard about the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal (and hope he doesn't mind that I borrow one of it for this collage).

Imagine a city of flying houses, floating peacefully in the air, being an indestructible shelter to their inhabitants... yes, it's a dream- then again, what can an illustrator offer other than an image that might relieve suffering for a tiny, tiny instant.

This is the original picture by Laurent Chehere:

April 20, 2015


collage. Europe is helpless in front of immigrants risking their lives in the attempt to cross the Mediterranean and reach Italy.
You were born on the wrong side of the Mediterranean Sea? So sorry. 

Last year, a record 170,000 people made the perilous crossing from Africa to Italy. Thousands died on the journey. 

This year, an estimated 1.600 people already lost their lives attempting to reach the italian coast. European politicians seem to be stumped... maybe they would fancy the old idea of a wall... this time, to keep people out.


April 17, 2015


Today, I had to decorate a textbook page about jokes... the jokes were actually quiet bad, but I still got in a good mood drawing these guys having a ball... be sure you enjoy your weekend, I will definitely get on my paddle board tomorrow.

people laughing at jokes for Klett Verlag, Germany

April 16, 2015


The beginning of spring and a solar eclipse seemed to be the perfect day to give a workshop to my artist friends of 'Se una notte...' about the color GREEN.
Being a combination of Yellow and Blue, Green encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of Yellow with the emotional calm and insight of Blue: Green is the great balancer of our mental, emotional and physical energies. From a meaning of colors perspective, Green is also the color of growth, the color of spring - it renews and restores depleted energy. This is why we like to walk through woods and why many hospitals paint their walls in shades of Green... also, in former times, people opted for Green for their living rooms.
On the negative side, Green can be associated with poison (formerly, arsenic was used to create a strong Green and it appears in toxic animals) and illness, as human skin seems to turn Green when lacking red blood cells.

Once my dear listeners got through the theory, we started to create different shades and textures of Green with whatever technique. Afterwards, we cut all the textures in equal pieces, distributed them on 10 separate piles, gave them nice rounded corners, punched a hole into every single one of them, bound them together with a colorful string and...voilà:
A personal Pantone of Greens for everybody. 
It was lot's of fun and tons of work and might even be useful in moments of doubt which shade of Green to chose for an illustration. 

different shades of green

April 14, 2015


Guenter Grass, one of Germany's most important writers, artists and social critics, died this Monday en Lübeck. He became widely known with his novel The Tin Drum. RIP.
Günter Grass the German novelist, artist, social critic and Nobel prize winner died this Monday in Lübeck.
I still remember some of the upsetting images of the excellent film version of his most famous novel, 'The Tin Drum' by Volker Schlöndorff.

April 7, 2015


I really hope you had a nice easter vacation and I'm terribly sorry to post such an unpleasant picture... but what is going on in people's mind???
Just a week ago, a young german pilot flies 150 people presumably consciously into their death and now, a group of terrorists kill 150 innocent students in Kenya.
The biggest threat nowadays seems to be: the human mind... brainwashed, manipulated or fallen ill.

human mind looking like a piece of shit. collage