WORK IN PROGRESS of Barcelona-based illustrator Jani Lunablau

October 26, 2015

Outdoor sketching with monotype

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a wonderful late-summer day at the cactus garden 'Jardines de Mossèn Costa i Llobera'. Our collective 'Se una notte' spent one morning drawing all kinds of cactuses... it felt like a short trip to Mexico.
I tried the Monotype technique for these outdoor-sketches, and although working with oilcolors is a bit messy, it works well. You just don't wont to change spots too often...

monotype monotipio monoprint sketch skizze kaktus cactus
monotype monotipia cactus kaktus sketch Skizze

Monotype sketch monotipia skizze kaktus cactus

Monotype by jani lunablau

Watercolor by Daniela Violi

Watercolor by Roberta Bridda
Watercolor and ink by Laura Borràs

Watercolor by Guada Boocles